Easter Afternoon

It's 3:30 in the afternoon and completely black outside with thunder booming and window panes clattering (these pics were right before the rain). There are serious storms headed this way, but I wanted to make sure I posted a couple of pictures before I finished making Easter dinner and before we lost power. Around these parts, one can whistle loud and the power will blink. Gotta find the flashlights...

I tested a few recipes this year for Easter from other sources and will be putting them all up this week. You can look forward to Cherry-Port glazed ham (Cooks Illustrated), buttermilk mashed potatoes (I tried microwaving them....the picture above speaks for itself...they were so water-logged they went through a fine mesh seive), broccoli-cheddar cornbread, glazed carrots, and strawberry cream cake with toasted coconut.

mason roger valentine trying to hunt for eggs

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Goose said...

I will wait for the Buttermilk Mashed Potatoes,and Brocolli Cornbread.Had the carrots and Ham today.Jim In Missouri