st. louis

We just got back from spring break in St. Louis. What a great place! Good food, nice people, and a super clean historic city. We had a blast. We ate, climbed, and roller-coaster-ed ourselves to death.

I had the best BBQ and Fitz's root beer ever at Bogarts;

the best pork belly, Vieux Mot cocktail, brussel sprouts, steak, mac n' cheese, burger, beignets, local coffee, and grape soda ever at Cleveland-Heath in Edwardsville, IL (only 20 minutes from downtown St. Louis and worth every minute). Oh the pork belly, beignets, and coffee! Words cannot describe the pleasure of that dining/eating experience. The chefs/owners/couple are just as divine as their food;

had a great shake and the girls had their first malt at Crown Candy Kitchen;

apple and sausage crepe and black bean crepe at Roosters (rude service and over priced, but good);

cornmeal pizza crust at PI and Schlafly beer, need I say more?!;

Soulard Farmers Market, spent 2 hours there and could have stayed all day. Why can't Memphis have a farmers market like this? Bought tangerine/basil and chipotle/black bean pasta, tiny grape tomatoes, challah, olive oil, two kinds of local potato chips, local Scottish oatmeal cookies baked with lard, and honeydew. Yes those are homemade donuts below!;

Spent opening day at Six Flags in perfect weather and the girls rode every roller coaster!
Lived through hours of climbing and cubbie hole tunneling at City Museum (that slide is really high up there, 10 stories; running shoes and yoga pants should be required). Thankfully, only spent 10 minutes at the top of The Arch!

We will be back, St. Louis!

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