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Today I received breakfast in bed with pancakes that spelled out "I ♥ Mom." The husband got very crafty with an empty squirt bottle and pancake batter. He was quite pleased with himself; very cute. The pale blush roses that accompanied my breakfast are beautiful.

I've been "spa'd" by my two amazing girls. I have more lotion on me than should be medically allowed in one sitting. Brown and gold eye shadow was swept all over my face making for a very creepy bronzing event. I'm pretty sure I've consumed half a tube of lipstick from the accidental application to my teeth rather than lips. Hopefully we haven't done permanent damage to our lungs (or my hair) from the billows of hairspray. Even with the possible hair breakage, lung destruction, and lipstick ingestion, I wouldn't trade this day for anything.

Tonight I'm cooking with "help" from the wee little chefs. I wanted some of my favorite things: bacon roasted brussel sprouts, basil grilled shrimp, fingerling potatoes, corn on the cob, and chocolate turnovers. I'll be posting the recipes and pics later this week.

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