The Written Kitchen

Well, after 2 years, I've finally been able to purchase the domain and name that I would like for this blog: The Written Kitchen. I've got everything linked and forwarded as best I can for right now until the blog designer can switch the name and some of the pictures to better fit what I wanted the design of this blog to eventually become. So, you will still see Morsels and Moments until she can change it to The Written Kitchen.

As for some more good news, I will be Guest Cheffing at Restaurant Iris on October 9th. Chef English decided to only serve brunch every third Sunday of the month so that they could be open for dinner on Monday nights. Since he would be out of town the third weekend of October, we decided on the second weekend, 10/9. We will be collaborating on the menu, which will be the only menu served that day. I'm nervous, excited, intimidated, and thrilled to be challenged in this way again. It's been 10 years since I was last on the line in a kitchen. Not that I will be on the line, although that would be awesome!

I'm hoping to do food that I love to cook (for me and others), eat, and write about. Obviously I want it to be super yummy, but I also want it to be food that you all could cook at home. I guess that's the teaching-chef side of me. Maybe Chef English will let me hand out recipe packets...tacky!? Anyway, I mostly feel honored to even be asked.

I can't leave you without a recipe, so here's the recipe for Strawberry Champagne Cupcake Trifles (from Georgetown Cupcakes) I made for New Year's. These were good, but I would use less chocolate or try white chocolate next time, as the semi-sweet chocolate masked the delicate flavor of the champage and strawberry cupcakes.


Lisa said...

Like the new name!!


Kimberly said...

Love the new name; Congrats!!!