Saturday we went to Cockadoo's in downtown Memphis for breakfast with some friend's and all our kids. It's right across the street from The Peabody so I really expected it to be slammed. We got there at 8:30 a.m. but it didn't get full until around 10:00 a.m. as we were leaving.

It's a super cool atmosphere but the food was here and there. We all decided the biscuits were great, although some under the heat lamp didn't look so great. The pancakes were pretty bad. They tasted like an old pancake mix someone pulled out of their pantry. Just because a restaurant makes dinner-plate sized pancakes does not mean they are good.

As the menu states, the grits are seasoned with salt. That is no lie. They were not edible. If we hadn't been with other people, I would have sent them back. The breakfast sandwiches were great, probably because they were on the biscuit, and the hash browns were good too. We skipped the sweet potato hash because online reviews are not good for this either. The Mississippi Mud coffee was better than expected. They "proudly serve" this brand but I had never heard of it, but it was good.

All in all, I probably won't eat there again. For 2 adults and 2 kids under 11 years old, it was over $53 without tip and without the 40 miles. Who pays $3 for adding a small slice (about the size of sticky note) of country ham on a biscuit (that was just for the ham) or for a small boat of hash browns? We did! Wow, I had forgotten how much money was in breakfast.

I do have to say that the reviews on the service were pretty bad, but we had excellent service!

We went to the Farmer's Market after breakfast, so stay tuned. It was awesome cooking from market to table...we cleaned our plates! Post and pics to follow....

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