In the Last Two Months...

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...I've been gone a bit longer than I'd like to admit. Fifth grade homework has not treated me well and hasn't left me with much time. Thank goodness I cook for the week on Monday's or we wouldn't be eating. Cooking on Monday's doesn't lead to too much creativity so I haven't had much to share. Two to six hours of homework a night led to an email to the teacher. We weren't the only ones overwhelmed and the homework has lessened.

What has happened in two months:

~My best friend (Kim) and culinary school roommate was in town with her husband (Rob) and four-year old daughter (Maddie). We had a blast.

~I cooked at Restaurant Iris for the chef collaboration brunch. It went so well and everyone cleaned their plates. I was truly honored. They are an impressive bunch of people.

~Finished out a 6th year of Dinner on Demand.

We took my best friend and her family to the zoo, Tom's Farm, The Peabody to see the ducks, and to The Rendevous.

The zoo in Memphis is awesome. We all loved it and the animals were really active. The monkey's were so loud it freaked out little Maddie.

The Rendevous was liked by a couple of us, but it just wasn't very good to me. I have to admit that I've been spoiled by Ernest's ribs (he's a friend of mine and makes the best ribs on the planet). While eating ribs at The Rendevous, our girls commented that, "they're not as good as Ernest's." They are sooo right!

I've been making these Salted Caramel Brownies a lot. You can find the recipe here. I added cayenne to these, but it's optional.

I made Jana's (friend and co-worker) French Dips this past weekend, so I'll be sharing that soon. Other than that, I haven't cooked anything new, but how about those Honeycrisp apples?! I'm addicted! I wish there were around all year!

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