Well, what does everyone think? Tiffany with Tart Designs worked on this new blog header and she absolutely nailed it. Other than a little tweaking of the size, adding a red border to bring it all together, and some post-title color changes, it's good to go. I hope everyone loves it as much as I do!

I made a delicious Greek salad last night with a fresh basil vinaigrette. I put all the ingredients separately in little bowls and let everyone choose what they wanted to add to their own salad. They put everything in a small metal mixing bowl and tossed it together themselves. With kids, allowing them to assemble their own food really helps in the enjoyment of eating, especially when veggies are involved. They ate it up!

The perfectly grilled bone-in chicken, courtesy of my hubbie, helped a lot with the yumminess-factor of this salad. Since we were grilling hamburgers this past weekend, I had him grill my marinated chicken too. I then finished the cooking process in the oven last night in a baking dish on super-low heat (250 degrees) for about 30 minutes. The chicken was tender and sooo moist. I served it with diced tomato, sliced kalamata olives, crumbled feta, diced cucumber, and the fresh basil vinaigrette. Everyone added their own ingredients and tossed. Delicious-ness for all!

Our computer crashed and we are still waiting to have everything uploaded. Here's the Hot/Cold Potato Salad I did this week (recipe to follow in The Commercial Appeal next Friday).

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